Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 15

In the Clement Sector setting, April 15 is a big day.  In our future history, April 15, 2331 is the date of the collapse of The Conduit (the wormhole that connected Earth Sector to Clement Sector).  After that event, Clement Sector was separated from Earth and the worlds of Clement Sector were on their own.

As most of you reading this will be aware, Mongoose has created a second edition of their rules for Traveller.  Like the collapse of the Conduit, this has forced a separation for the products we created under the first edition license that we had through Mongoose.  Those products will be forced to no longer be part of the Traveller line and, on May 22, Gypsy Knights Games will remove those products from the market.

However, most of those former first edition products will be part of a new line of products that will take advantage of the fact that Mongoose's first edition is Open Game License.  Not only will most of our existing product line become OGL but we will also continue to support that line with new products.  

The first product for that line will be Clement Sector 2nd Edition (OGL).  Clement Sector 2e (OGL) will be available for sale as a PDF on April 15 which is, for us, a very fitting day. A print version will follow shortly.

For those who have purchased (or were gifted) Clement Sector 1e through Drive-thru RPG, RPGNow, or any of the family of OBS websites, you should check your updates.  You should have a free copy of Clement Sector 2nd Edition (OGL) for you there.  Clement Sector 2nd Edition (OGL) will remain a free update for those who have purchased Clement Sector 1e until the product is pulled down on May 22.  Of course, if you purchase Clement Sector 1e from DTRPG, you will also get a copy of Clement Sector 2nd Edition (OGL) along with your purchase.

Clement Sector 2nd Edition is not simply a rules update.  We have added a detailed future history, a change in the rules on how the Zimm Drive works, and much more.  We have also folded our Player's Guide, Career Track 1: Medic, and Career Companion into the 2nd edition of Clement Sector.

Does this mean that we are leaving Traveller?  It does not.  We have already prepared Clement Sector 2nd Edition (MgT 2e).  Once we have permission from Mongoose to put this on the market, we will do so.  It will be followed by a line of new products which will use Mongoose's second edition rules.  Look for this to arrive quite soon.

So, as you can see, tomorrow will be a big day for Gypsy Knights Games.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and we look forward to many more years of gaming with you.



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