Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hub Federation Ground Forces Now Available!

Now Available at Drive-Thru RPG at this link!

Join the adventure!

Strength Through Unity.  That's the motto of the Hub Federation Defence Force Militias.  Banded together after the collapse of the Conduit back to Earth Sector, the planetary defense forces of the six worlds of the Hub Federation have united to fight the fear and chaos they see as rampant in Clement Sector.  

By Space, Air and Land.  That's the motto of the Hub Federation Marines.  Founded from melding German and British armed forces stranded by the Conduit Collapse, the Hub Federation Marines struggle to protect the Federation from its enemies as well as try to get past their cultural differences. 

Hub Federation Ground Forces provides an in-depth look at the Hub Federation's planetside and strike forces.  The book gives Referees and players details concerning the force's organization and history as well as its foundation built on the long traditions of the militaries which preceded it.  

Hub Federation Ground Forces also provides full character career progressions through seven career tracks usable with almost any version of Traveller.  Chart your character's course and take your character through a full armed forces career!

Hub Federation Ground Forces also includes information on all of the forces' equipment.  Everything from the full deckplans of the Shadowstrike-class assault carrier to the sidearms and melee weapons preferred by the troops.

Do you have what it takes?  Join the Hub Federation Ground Forces!
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