Thursday, February 28, 2013

MystiCon 2013

Mysticon 2013 was a great success last weekend.  We had a great time running the three Franklin Adventures and meeting some great folks.

Corey Spillis snapped the following photo during our last game of the weekend.  That's me behind the screen and Bert Schmid on the outside of it.  The papercraft starship is one made by Fat Dragon Games that MystiCon Gaming Director George Minter assembled and gave me as a gift.

I can't believe that February is almost over, but its true that time flies when you're having fun.  We've had a great month this month and we're really looking forward to March.  

Most of February has been spent working on Clement Sector and we're hoping to have it out there to you in mid-March.  This is our core setting book and we're quite proud of it.  Still more writing to do and the art is now starting to arrive.  

ConNooga tomorrow!

ConNooga starts tomorrow! We'll be running two games tomorrow and one game on Saturday!
The convention is located in the Chattanooga Choo-Choo complex in Chattanooga, TN.  All gaming events will be held in Track 29, the concert venue which is located to the real of the complex.

Game 1 - "The Movie Snobs" (Friday 2-6pm) - Following the collapse of the wormhole leading back to Earth Sector, items from Earth have become more and more valuable. Now the leader of a powerful corporation has asked the crew of Pandora's Box to obtain a rare original print of a famous film from another corporate giant's personal collection. Can they pull it off? Or will they anger someone powerful enough to end their lives?

Game 2 - "Just Another Bughunt?"(Friday 7pm - 11pm) - Diamond Enterprises CEO Maxwell Chandra has hired the crew of Pandora's Box to investigate the loss of an advance colony sent to CXD-707. Did the colonists just go rogue? Were they attacked by pirates? Or is this just another bughunt?

Game 3 - "I'm On The Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep" (Saturday 10am - 2pm) - Captain Cramer's past has come back to haunt him. Can the crew of Pandora's Box survive? And can they turn the tables on those who would see them destroyed?

And I will be in Track 29 on Friday from 10am onward. I'll have a good stock of books for anyone who wishes to purchase! So come on out and say hello!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two 5-star Reviews For Dade Colonies!

Well, the book came out at midnight today and we already have garnered two 5-star reviews!

Thanks Megan R. and William W.!

Now Available at this link!


Five colonies on the edge of civilized space!

The Dade Colonies are located on the far frontier of the Clement Sector.  The last stops before heading into the unknown!

Arnemuiden - The refuge of a disgraced politician and his followers from The Hub Federation.  Have they established a political utopia or simply become a haven for pirates?

Dade - An underground corporate colony used to bridge Sequoyah subsector with the Dade frontier!

Osiris - A world with a strict caste system which has evolved from a government meant to guarantee liberty!

Dashwood - A world trying desperately to maintain and spread civilized behavior while being used as an advance base for settlers and explorers!

Sarawak - A religious separatist colony with a strong desire to be left alone.  Was this desire so strong that they violated their morals and killed hundreds to maintain their privacy?

The Dade Colonies comes with detailed descriptions of each of these settled worlds along with information concerning the remainder of the Dade subsector.  Random encounters and adventure hooks are included for each world to get your characters into the action with a minimum of preparation.

The Dade Colonies can be used as part of a continuing campaign within Gypsy Knights Games' Clement Sector background or as part of any Traveller or science fiction setting.  These worlds can be used in concert or be taken one at a time for your own Traveller universe.

Adventure awaits in the new colonies!

"Traveller" and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission.  The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.