Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sad News

Really sad this evening. Just discovered that Brian Rucker, a man I met at MystiCon this year, died a couple of weeks ago. I had just met him at that convention and spoken with him through email afterward, but I felt like I had made a friend. He played in all three of the Traveller games we did there and truly embodied Ethan Mau, the ex-cavalry sgt he played. Truly sad.
That's me behind the castle screen there.  That's Brian to my left.  Rest in peace my friend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hardcover Delay

Just wanted to let everyone know that there has been a bit of a delay in getting Franklin out in hardcover.  We're having a few issues that need sorted first, but once we get everything ironed out, it will be available.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hub Federation Now In Print!

The Hub Federation is now available in print! 

I just went over the proof copy and it looks amazing!  We're all very proud.

In addition, I just wanted everyone to know that the plan is to have a hardcover edition for both Franklin and The Hub Federation soon.  I'll let you know more when I know more.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Sophronius Now Available!

You can now go to DTRPG and buy a copy of Quick Worlds 25: Sophronius.  You can see the cover for it in the previous post.

This one is a little different as it will detail ways for you to be able to use it in concert with The Hub Federation and much of its history is intertwined with events described in that book.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!



Well, I had to contact the fine folks at ConCarolina and inform them that I would not be there.  Some personal issues have arisen that will keep me from me from being there.

Still, I highly recommend that you try to make it.  It looks to be a great con!  I'm truly sorry we'll be missing it.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Franklin and Planetside Now In Print!

We are pleased to announce that you may now buy Subsector Sourcebook 2: Franklin and 21 Plots: Planetside in print from Drive-Thru RPG.

These two books join our other three offerings in print : Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia, 21 Plots, and 21 Plots Too.

Hub Repair

We have uploaded a new version of The Hub Federation with a few minor repairs to the text in the history section.  Upon further review, we found that the text was a little confusing as to our intent and we have repaired it.

If you get emails from DTRPG, you should get one explaining this and the repair.  Either way, you should be able to download the book now with the repaired passage.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hub Federation Has Been Released!

The Hub Federation is now available at Drive-Thru RPG! 

The Hub Federation provides an interstellar nation full of adventure opportunities.  The six worlds of The Hub Federation are detailed, as is the government which holds them together.

The Hub Federation can be used in part or as a whole to add worlds to any existing Traveller setting.  In addition, information and history are provided to allow Referees to use The Hub Federation in concert with Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia and Subsector Sourcebook 2: Franklin as an independent setting.

Each world comes complete with detailed information concerning the planet itself and the solar system in which it is located, yet leaves the Referee plenty of room to use these worlds as he/she sees fit.

Made with the busy Referee in mind, this book can provide the spark for multiple adventures for your players.

The Hub Federation is available alone at the link above or as part of The Hub Fed Bundle along with Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia and Subsector Sourcebook 2: Franklin.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Viewer Mail Segment

Oh we get letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters.....

Sorry.  I couldn't resist.  I watched a lot of Letterman in the 80s and 90s.  At any rate, it is true that we do get a lot of emails from people.  I answer all of them, but it occurred to me that there are probably folks out there who had similar questions.  So I'm going to address the top 10 (yes, another Letterman reference) questions in no particular order.

1> I saw you went to MystiCon and are going to ConCarolina.  Why are you not coming to <insert name of convention here>? 

Simply put, we're a small company.  As it currently stands, our finances won't allow us to go to a lot of conventions yet.  At some point, we hope to able to go to more, but right now, those are the ones we're attending.

There may be more later this year.  We're definitely returning to MystiCon next year.

2>  Do you have a team of people going to conventions and running games for you at <insert name of convention here>?

Again, not yet.  Hopefully, at some point in our future, we'll be able to do that.  However, if you do plan to run an adventure at a convention using some of our material, let me know.  We might be able to help out a bit.

3>  Is The Hub Federation going to be your setting book?

No.   Over the last year, all of our products have hinted at being part of a shared universe.  The Hub Federation is going to do a lot more than just hint.  However, it is not a full setting book.  You will still be able to use it for any setting with a few tweaks.

More of our alternate Traveller universe will be on display in this product than any previous product.  We think you'll like it. 

4> Are you looking for writers?

Not yet but we do see it somewhere on the horizon.  It does not hurt to say hello and get on our contact list.  We may not need you today, but we're in this for the long haul and we may need you tomorrow.

5> So are you just doing Traveller?

Right now, yes.  Although, we are looking at some projects for other games.  We have several people with great ideas for other games and, at some point, you may see some of those.

I, myself, have a board game in me that really wants to be created.  However, we're not at that stage yet.

6>  Can I get these in print?

You can!  We have 21 Plots, 21 Plots Too, and Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia  available in print from Drive-Thru RPG.  Or I carry a stock of them with me to conventions when I get to them and you can get one from me.  

Right now, we have Subsector Sourcebook 2: Franklin and 21 Plots: Planetside  soon to come in print.  The Hub Federation will also see print in the future.

7> Will there be more Quick Worlds?

Yes.  And The Hub Federation will give some hints about what is coming.

8>  Will there be more Subsectors?

Yes.  The Hub Federation will give a couple of hints as to these as well.

9>  Will there be more themed 21 Plots books?

Yes.  We have several of these already in progress.

10>  Will there be more Career Tracks?

Yes.  We have some in progress which will go along with our alternate universe.

If I didn't answer your question, feel free to send your question to us at gypsyknightsgames AT 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Wayne Foundation

Thanks to a heads-up from Dale McCoy over at Jon Brazer Enterprises, we were able to get in contact with the Wayne Foundation.  The Wayne Foundation is a group which fights child enslavement in the sex trafficking industry.

Last year, they put together an RPG pack that raised a lot of money for the foundation.  They are doing it again this year and we will have four products as part of the pack.  Hopefully, this will help their mission in some way.

We will provide more information about the pack as soon as we have it.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


One of the goals of Gypsy Knights Games from the very beginning was to produce products that a Referee would be able to use in any Traveller game.  No matter what your setting choice (whether it was the traditional Third Imperium setting, one of the several settings that are now out there (such as Chthonian Stars, Outer Veil, or Terra/Sol) or you've made up your own) you could easily plug a Quick World or one of the 21 Plots into your game and run with it.

We will always strive to do that.  Not only does it make good business sense for us, but having been a Referee (and GM) for 27 years, I know that a good Referee is constantly searching for useful items.  We wish to help in that search.

But as you have probably noted, throughout our products there has been a hint at an overall setting in which these products are all linked.  Well, there is a product on its way (in middle to late stages) which will be a bit more specific as to that setting and how it works.

That product is The Hub Federation.  You can see the cover a couple of posts back.

As usual, we intend to leave the Referee a lot of leeway.  You will be able to purchase The Hub Federation and use the worlds detailed within in any setting you like.  But there will also be a bit more information than usual about our setting and where we are going with all this.

We hope you enjoy it.  We're very excited about it.