Tuesday, April 3, 2012


One of the goals of Gypsy Knights Games from the very beginning was to produce products that a Referee would be able to use in any Traveller game.  No matter what your setting choice (whether it was the traditional Third Imperium setting, one of the several settings that are now out there (such as Chthonian Stars, Outer Veil, or Terra/Sol) or you've made up your own) you could easily plug a Quick World or one of the 21 Plots into your game and run with it.

We will always strive to do that.  Not only does it make good business sense for us, but having been a Referee (and GM) for 27 years, I know that a good Referee is constantly searching for useful items.  We wish to help in that search.

But as you have probably noted, throughout our products there has been a hint at an overall setting in which these products are all linked.  Well, there is a product on its way (in middle to late stages) which will be a bit more specific as to that setting and how it works.

That product is The Hub Federation.  You can see the cover a couple of posts back.

As usual, we intend to leave the Referee a lot of leeway.  You will be able to purchase The Hub Federation and use the worlds detailed within in any setting you like.  But there will also be a bit more information than usual about our setting and where we are going with all this.

We hope you enjoy it.  We're very excited about it.   

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