Thursday, June 20, 2013

Now Available!

The Dawn Colonies is now available at at Drive-Thru RPG at this link!.

Four colonies on the edge of the frontier!

The Dawn Colonies are the only settled worlds in Tranquility Sector.  Located to trailing of Clement Sector, Dawn Subsector is the spearhead of colonization into this new sector.  The last stops before heading into the unknown!

Dawn - A world ruled by a self-declared royal family. Are they being aided from another world with designs on domination? Or are they the protectors of the people as they claim?

Argos Prime - A world with underground seas and oceans in a maze of caverns where corporate interests and new settlers are clashing with the established colonists. Whose side will your characters take?

Tranquility - A world with a small population of disgruntled workers operating a robotic mine. Will the colony succeed?

Bicocca - The newest of the colonies. This world is looking for the best and brightest to help them tame a new planet!

The Dawn Colonies comes with detailed descriptions of each of these settled worlds along with information concerning the remainder of the Dawn subsector.  Random encounters and adventure hooks are included for each world to get your characters into the action with a minimum of preparation.

The Dawn Colonies can be used as part of a continuing campaign within Gypsy Knights Games' Clement Sector background or as part of any Traveller or science fiction setting.  These worlds can be used in concert or be taken one at a time for your own Traveller universe.

Adventure awaits in the new colonies!

"Traveller" and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission.  The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Great Indie RPG Giveaway

The second annual Great Indie RPG Giveaway is now underway and will be running until June 30!  There are five fantastic prize packages featuring products from Gypsy Knights Games and several other RPG companies.  

Entry is easy.  Simply go to this link and follow the instructions.  You can enter to win any or all of the prize packages.

Good luck!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


If you purchased PDFs of our products on Drive-Thru or RPGNow, you should check for updated versions of our products.  Over the past few weeks, we have been steadily updating the products to repair a few errors and to add bookmarks.

These changes will also come to products we have available on and  So be sure to check with those outlets as well over the coming days and weeks.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ron McClung Reviews Clement Sector

Ron McClung over at The Gamer's Codex has posted an excellent review of Clement Sector. To see what he had to say about our core setting book, click on this link.