Sunday, February 26, 2012


Just in from MystiCon.  Wow, that was a lot of fun.  Everything with the trip went well except that my laptop died (which is why this report is coming to you on Sunday).

It was my first time as a guest and my first time on a panel.  Was really nervous about the panel, but thanks to Mike McPhail who made the panel smooth and easy for me (as well as entertaining for those who attended it).

Ran three games of Traveller there and all three went quite well.  Special thanks to Brian Rucker.  Brian really brought the character of Ethan Mau to life and was kind enough to do so in all three games.

Thanks to the other playtesters as well:  Gerry Martin, George Kelly, Larry Gibson, Christina Gibson, Sherri Brewer, Paul Cardullo, Trincy Walker, Rob Ward, Richard Lombardi, Dan Thomas, and George Minter.  Big thanks to George Minter as well for doing such an excellent job with organizing gaming at the con.

If at all possible, we're going to try to be there again next year.  The whole convention was a blast.  Thanks to all the fine folks at MystiCon for having me there as a guest.

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