Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MystiCon Feb 24-26

Well, we're off to MystiCon!

This is special to me as it will be the first time I will be a guest at a convention.  I'm really looking forward to this!

I'm participating in a panel on "Building Strange New Worlds" at 4pm on Friday.  At 7pm Friday, I'll be signing copies of Cascadia, 21 Plots, and 21 Plots Too.  Then that night at 9pm, I'll be running the first of three Traveller adventures "Save Our Ship".

Saturday at Noon, I'll be running "The Lost Girl".  And then at 8pm that night I'll be running the final adventure "Fled".

So if you find yourself within driving distance of Roanoke, Virginia this weekend, come by and say hello!



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