Monday, August 22, 2011

Learn from our mistakes

So it seems that I made a rather huge mistake in QW12: Megara.  I apologize profusely for this.  It seems that when I was creating the system, I transposed the numbers for the mass of the sun.  0.95 became 0.59.  Doesnt seem that huge a mistake really, but once I built upon that mistake it threw a great many things off kilter.

The mistake has been corrected now.  If you have purchased QW12: Megara, you should have received an email telling you of a corrected version.  If you haven't purchased QW12, you won't see the mistake.

Mistakes happen.  But I think what most embarrasses me about this mistake is that I let get out into the public, that even after reading and re-reading QW12, I missed it.  It took a reviewer to spot it and while I appreciate his honesty and his notification, it embarrasses me that it got to that point.  But we learn from these things and it won't happen again.

Sorry about that.

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