Sunday, August 7, 2011

Concerning the Art Contest

I'm afraid I've left something out of the requirements for the contest.  My fault and I'm truly sorry.

With my license being what it is with Mongoose Publishing, I can't use anything that features something from the Official Traveller Universe (this includes the commonly seen starships (like the Beowulf or the Azhanti High Lightning), any of the aliens (Aslan, Vargr, etc) or any of the symbols (the starburst, the Solomani cross, etc).

I should have said this before, but sometimes I forget that most people don't know what I can and cant publish with the SRD.  I was reminded of it today when I got an outstanding piece of art that, sadly, I can't use.  I've informed the artist and sent my apologies.  I sincerely hope he's able to come back with something slightly different.


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