Thursday, January 26, 2017

21 Starport Places has been updated!

21 Starport Places has been updated!  If you have previously purchased the original, you should be able to download the update from your "Updates" page in your Account on DTRPG.

If you haven't purchased the original, why wait?  Pick up the new version today!

Location!  Location!  Location!

Do your characters need a place to have some fun?  Do they need a place where they can eat?  Do they need a place to rest their heads?  We've got a place for all those things and more!

21 Starport Places provides 21 new and varied locations designed to be used with our Clement Sector setting but could be useful in any science fiction.  Places as varied as The Lucky Horseshoe Casino, The Plasma Nightclub, a Second Reformation Church chapel, and a trauma unit. 

Visit Big Al's Biscuits!  Have your ship customized in The Chrome Shop!  Compete against your friends at Holowars! 

21 Starport Places provides full descriptions of all 21 places as well as NPCs who might be encountered there.  In addition, each location has a detailed floor plan.   
Like all our products, the main intention of this book is to provide an extra spark to the Referee's imagination.

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