Thursday, February 18, 2016


I will be running three games at ConNooga.  These are:

8pm Friday- Redemption in the Making - The crew of the MV Tiamat, well-known as "problem solvers", have been approached by a woman who wishes to clear her husband's name.  It would seem that her husband had been a pirate for a short time and stole a large sum of money.  She wants the characters to help her locate the money, return it to the owners and clear her husband's name.

Can the characters help her?

1pm Saturday- Futility and Hubris - the crew of the MV Tiamat, well-known as "problem solvers", have been hired by a small company to hunt down a man who has stolen some valuable property.  This thief has boarded a cruise ship heading out of the system.  The company wants to put the characters on board the cruise ship to monitor and then capture this thief and recover the stolen property.  Other than that, it should be a peaceful cruise.

Are the characters up for it?

8pm Saturday- On the Master's Trail - The characters have been approached by a man named Andrew Maitland. Maitland will explain that they are members of a new religion, the Obedient, who show their devotion to the Great Master by enduring not only enforced hardship but also by remaining solitary. These seven men, along with five others and members of their family, have an unarmed Atlas-class freighter named The Master’s Trail which they are using as a colony vessel.

The Obedient have chosen an uninhabited world in the CXD-305 system for their new home.  However, the route is filled with all manner of dangers.  Can the characters protect the colonists?

And, for those interested in making a purchase, I will also have hard copies of our titles with me as well.

Hope to see you there! 

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