Thursday, July 18, 2013

Viewer Mail 3

And now we go for the third installment of the ever-popular "viewer mail segment".  Its been a while since we did this and we've gotten a lot of questions in the email.  So let's get in there and see what we have.

1>  I've noticed that a lot of the characters and NPCs have two numbers for their age.  Why is that?  What does it mean?

In Clement Sector, we postulate that medical technology will allow for the slowing of the aging process.  These treatments usually start somewhere between the ages of 25-30.  

The first listed number is the age (in standard years) of the character.  The number in parentheses is the "apparent age".  This second number is the age that the character appears to be thanks to the wonders of "modern" medicine.  So someone who is listed as being 74 (35) is actually 74 years old but appears to be a 35 year old.

2>  The tech levels in Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia do not match the rest of the Clement Sector setting.  They don't match what's given in the adventures or in Clement Sector.  What gives?

When we published Cascadia, we really intended for it to be used in conjunction with the usual Traveller "high tech level" setting.  In keeping with that, the tech levels, some of the descriptions and so forth are more in line with a TL14-15 setting rather than a TL10-11 setting.

To clear this up, we're in the process of creating a version of Cascadia that will be more in line with our Clement Sector setting.  For now, the UWP chart which is in Clement Sector should be used rather than the UWPs given in Cascadia.  

3>  In some of the adventures I've played in at conventions, you have presented the Cascadia Colonization Authority (CCA) as the "bad guys".  They even seem a bit shady in one of the Cascadia Adventures.  Yet they are the "good guys" in the Dawn Adventures.  Which is it?

Clement Sector (with the exception of the Hub Federation) is a collection of independent worlds.  These worlds each have their own views and goals.  Most of the other governments in Cascadia subsector are not excited about Cascadia and their expansionist intentions.  Indeed, some of them are actively working against them.  In the view of those worlds, the CCA are the "bad guys".

On Cascadia itself, there are four major political parties.  Two of those are opposed to the expansion of Cascadian influence outside their system.

However, to those who want Cascadian expansion, the CCA are definitely the heroes.  Even to those on Cascadia who are lukewarm to the idea of Cascadia gaining an empire in the Dawn subsector, the CCA and their personnel are often seen as heroes.

In short, it depends on your point of view.

4> In all of your UWP charts, there is a section called "PBG".  What does that mean?

The three numbers in that section refer to the population modifier, the number of planetoid belts in the system, and the number of gas giants in the system.  I think the latter two are self-explanatory.  The population modifier can be used to give a rough estimate of the number of people on a world.  For instance, if the population modifier is "4" and the population code in the UWP is 2, then there are approximately 400 people on that world.

5> What year is it?

The current standard year in the Clement Sector setting is 2342.  Some future products will begin to move the setting forward in time, but as of right now the setting is assumed to be in the year 2342.

6>  Are you going to be at <insert convention name here>?

Right now we have one convention that we are 100% positive that we will be attending in 2014.  The official announcement has not been made, but I will be a guest at that convention.  More on that when I can say more.

As for other conventions, right now there are no solid plans.  We'd like to go to more of them and hopefully we will be able to do so soon.

7>  Are you currently looking for writers/artists?

As far as writers go, not right now.  We have our release schedule pretty tight right now as far as projects go.  However, if you are interested in writing something for us in the future, we are happy to hear from you.  Things may change or we find that our release schedule may have some holes in it.

There is more opportunity for artists right now.  While we have art lined up for most of our upcoming projects, there is always a need for art.  If you're interested, send us something.  We may need you.

8> Where can I buy the products?  I know I can get your stuff on Drive-Thru and RPGNow.  Are there other places?

Yes!  You can get our PDFs at the d20 PFSRD online shop at this link or at the Paizo online shop at this link.

9> I'm excited about 21 Starport Places.  When will that come out?

We're excited about it too!  Looks like late July-early August right now.  

10>  What's next on the release schedule?

The next things you'll see from us will be 21 Starport Places and Hell's Paradise which is the next entry in the Dawn Adventures.  After that, well, you'll have to stay tuned.  We've got some exciting stuff on the way soon and we'll be announcing it here!

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