Sunday, November 4, 2012

Setting The Table

When I go to conventions, get on Facebook, or just go through my email, one of the most common questions I've been asked lately is this:  What is your core setting book?

The simple answer is this:  There isn't one.  Or, more accurately, there isn't one yet.

Our plan here at GKG so far has to be to create products that were largely setting neutral.  By that, we mean that you could pick up a copy of any of our books and use them in any setting you liked.  If you're playing any version of Traveller, you can purchase one of our books and, hopefully, find it useful.  Need a world for your game?  Need a whole subsector?  Need a story idea?  Need a whole plot?  An adventure?  We're here to help.

Throughout the process of creating these books, we here at GKG have always had a background from which we work. In the beginning, we dropped hints as to the background.  Little tidbits here and there that we hoped people would notice and become intrigued as to where it would lead.

When we got to Hub Subsector, we made a conscious decision to be less vague about the background.  It still isn't the core setting book, but Hub Federation is the book in which we first started making it obvious that there is a common history and background rather than just hinting at it.  One reviewer, quite rightly, called Hub Federation the "lens" with which to view our products. 

We continued to use this approach through Hub Federation, Hub and Sequoyah.  We outlined 21 Organizations which are seen in our common background.  In our 21 Plots books, we began making specific references to our worlds.  

The most recent steps in this journey were to create adventures specifically set in Cascadia subsector using technology and ships specifically designed for the setting. The last of the Cascadia Adventures trilogy is currently in production.

We have also started work on Clement Sector.  This book will be our core setting book and will tie all of these products together.  We hope to have it completed and available in both PDF and print in 2013.

I've described our process as "setting the table".  

It wont be long before you see what we've been cooking up for you.  We believe you'll enjoy it.  





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