Sunday, October 14, 2012

Viewer Mail 2

A few months back I decided to answer publicly some of the emails we get privately.  We've gotten quite a few emails since then (and keep those emails coming!), so I thought I'd take a few moments to answer some of the more popular questions.

 1>  Are you going to be at any conventions in the remainder of 2012?  Are you going to be at <insert convention name here>?

We are definitely going to be at MystiCon 2013 (Feb 22-24) in Roanoke, Virginia where I am going to be a guest.  As it stands currently, I will be a guest at another convention as well during that same general time period, but they haven't announced it yet so I'm not sure I'm supposed to discuss it yet.  More on that when I can say more.

We're hoping to get to a few more conventions next year than we were able to do this year but currently there are no solid plans beyond those two.

2>  I notice that in every book you have a list of people who are playtesters.  How can I get in on that?

Right now the best way is to find us at a convention.  We always run 2-3 games of Traveller at each convention we attend and those adventures then become books.  Each of the players gets playtest credit and their names appear in the front of the book.

Last year, we had three adventures which were set in Cascadia.  Two of those have seen print and a third is in production.  If you'd like to purchase those, you can find them here and here. 

3>  Are you looking for writers?

Not currently.  Much as I said in the last Viewer Mail segment, we're not to that point quite yet.  However, it does not hurt to contact us and let us know you are interested.  We would love to hear from you and, if the situation changes or something becomes available, perhaps we can work on something.

4>  Are you looking for artists?

Not currently.  However, that may change very soon.  We have a few projects coming up which will need some original art (probably black and white).  Much like I said about writers above, it never hurts to get on our radar.  

5>  I love GKG's stuff.  How can I help?

 If you liked the product, one of the best ways you can help is to write a review.  Let others know you liked it and what you liked about it.  If you don't want to write a review, write to us and let us know.  Your feedback is important to us and it helps us to know what's going on out there with our products.

If you don't like something we're doing, email us and let us know.  It helps us to know if you feel something isn't right.  We are constantly trying to improve the products and your thoughts help us do that.

6>  What is the status on the setting book?

We're working on it right now.  In fact, it took up most of my weekend!  I would expect you to see it sometime in early-mid 2013.

7>  Will there be more 21 Plots books?  If so, will there be more themed ones like Planetside?

Yes and yes.  We just released 21 Plots III which is the third of our "general" plots series.  As it stands currently, we have three "themed" 21 Plots books on the drawing boards which you will likely see soon.

In addition, our first book to see wide release through our partnership with Chronicle City will be 42 Plots.  This will be a combination of the revised 21 Plots and 21 Plots Too.  You should be able to pick this up online and at your Friendly Local Game Store sometime in early February 2013.

8>  Will there be more adventures?

Yes.  As I said earlier, the third in the Cascadia Adventures series is in production.  I am currently readying three adventures which will be set in Franklin subsector which I will run at conventions and will be released next year.

9>  Where are the Aslan?  Where are the Vargr?  Why no mention of the Imperium or the Solomani?  Where is the TAS?  And why no amber zones?

All of those things are elements of the "Third Imperium" setting.  GKG does not have a license to use any of those elements.  It is possible for us to get a license through Mongoose to be able to mention those elements, however, we have opted to not do that.  

While we are building our own alternate Traveller universe, we do feel our products are open enough to be used by a Referee in any Traveller setting they wish to use (including one they've created themselves).  So, in the privacy of your own home, feel free to populate Clement Sector with lots of Vargr if you so desire!

10>  Do you plan on creating products for other RPGs?

At some point, yes.  Currently, all of the products in production are for Traveller.  However, I do have people around me who really want to move into some other games as well.

I can't reveal any details yet, but I would not be shocked to see some of these products released in 2013.  Stay tuned and keep those emails coming!



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