Sunday, September 2, 2012

Subsector Sourcebook 4: Sequoyah Released!

Our newest addition to the Clement Sector has arrived with the release of Subsector Sourcebook 4: Sequoyah!  

Sequoyah is the most recently settled frontier in the Clement Sector, an area of scattered independent worlds.  Each world comes complete with detailed information concerning the system and the planet itself, yet leaves the Referee plenty of room to use these worlds as he/she sees fit.

Each world has a full color map of the world and its system. 

Made with the busy Referee in mind, this book's adventure hooks can provide the spark for multiple adventures.  You can use Sequoyah as part of Gypsy Knights' unfolding background in the Clement Sector or independently as a whole subsector to expand your existing campaign!  Add it to our other subsector books (Cascadia, Franklin, and Hub) to use as part of your own sector!  Or simply use this book as a handy central source for 19 worlds to use individually as you see fit!

You can purchase Subsector Sourcebook 4: Sequoyah individually here.

Or you can purchase it bundled with all of our other sourcebooks here.

Or you can purchase it bundled with The Hub Subsector here.

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