Sunday, October 23, 2011

Upcoming Events

OK.  A few quick notes on what you can expect to see from Gypsy Knights Games in the next few weeks.

First and soonest, we will be getting Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia to print.  We expect the post office to have the second proof copy to me tomorrow and we expect that it will be found ready to print.  We had a few minor typos and we left off two playtesters.  The book will available in both a softcover and a hardback.

Second, very soon we hope to also have our newest product, 21 Plots Too in print soon as well. The manuscript has already been sent to the printer and we await their approval.

Third, we have several new Quick Worlds supplements that will be up for sale soon as well.  Each of these is in different phases of development, but I think you'll find each and every one of them to be fun and unique.

Of course, we have other projects in the pipeline as well.  We're not quite ready to reveal them yet, but right now I have a list of several fun and interesting things which will be making their way to you in the coming months.

We're excited.  And we hope you are too.

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