Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interview Excerpt

A friend of mine recently conducted an interview with me as part of a report he was doing on small businesses.  I thought some of you might be interested in portions of it.

PS:  How's business?

GKG:  Its going quite well actually.  Far better than I ever hoped.  When I started back in February, I told Wendy I'd be lucky to sell 100 books in a year.  We're close to breaking 500 now and, like I said earlier, we hit the 6 month mark yesterday. 

PS:  You have 12 of the quick worlds out now?  How many more in that series?

GKG:  Right, 12.  Originally,  there were only going to be 10, but Greg [Seaborn] came to me with a great idea for Chance.  And, of course, Vince [Campbell] passed away.  We had already done tributes to Charles [Hendershot] and John [Gagnon].  I felt like it would be appropriate to do one more in honor of Vince.  In addition, we take all the money that comes in from the Campbell one and send it to directly to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

But the original idea was to put out 10, learn from the experience, get that under our belt, and then put out the Cascadia subsector with an additional 10 worlds all in one book.  10 that were out and 10 that were new.  We've changed that now to 12 out and 8 new (and, obviously, two got put off until another time).

PS:  You've talked to me about a setting book.  Is that what this compilation, this "Cascadia" book, will be?

GKG:  No, but it will get included in the setting when we put it out.  There are hints as to what we are doing, setting-wise, in the Cascadia book.  But the idea of the "big book" (that's what we call it unofficially) is the same as the Quick Worlds.  We want someone to be able to run a Traveller game in whatever setting or rules set they want and be able to say "Ok.  Got a great idea for a story, but I need a place...." and be able to snatch up the book and say "Ok.  Here's a great place for it."

PS:   So the setting book comes later?

GKG:  Yeah.  We've got some definite ideas on it but its not yet in stone.  And I don't want to give away too much, but we're really hoping to have something a bit different than "usual" Traveller.

PS:  Will there be more Quick Worlds?

GKG:  Absolutely.  

PS:  Anything else coming up?

GKG:  I'm really excited about about a new project we've got working, but I don't know how much I can say about it right now.  A bit different than anything else we've done and I'm looking forward to that.  We're working on two more books, and, of course, the "setting" book.  And, hopefully, within a few weeks, 21 Plots in print.

PS:  An actual "hold in the hand" book?

GKG:  Yeah, I'm very excited about that.  We've promised it for a while now and we've had lots of questions about it.  Over that time, we've been working to get it just right, fix some errors, and so forth.  I've gotten three proofs back so far and none of them have been acceptable to we made changes.  Hopefully, all of this will get ironed out and soon you'll be able to go to Drive-Thru and get either the pdf or the book or both.

PS:  I saw on your blog that you had big news but couldn't tell us.  Can you now?

GKG:  Well, I just did on one of them.  21 Plots in print.  The other is that I've been named as a guest at another convention, but I don't want to say which one yet.  They have confirmed me as a guest through email, but I don't want to say publicly until they post it on their website.  But I'm really excited about that, because not only will it be my second ever appearance as a guest at a con (which, in many ways, is a dream come true for me) but its a convention I've attended for many years.  So that makes it a bit sweeter.

I'm very excited about MystiCon in February though.  That will be my first appearance as a guest and I'm outstandingly happy to be going.  I've never been to MystiCon, so it will be a first-time experience all the way around.

PS:  Thanks John.

GKG:  No problem.  

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